Thursday, April 5, 2012

Vacation Time!!

Be back in May.Happy Trading !

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Watch List For 04/02/2012

AEZS Bio. name , momentum play over 2.16.
ALR Watching it for break massive ascending triangle  over 26.10 with 26.40 and 27.22 resistance.
ANIK  Bio. name. Watching 12.90 area for a break out.

AUMN Rare earth name, could be a trade over 50 SMA currently 8.62 on sector strength and volume.

BABY  All coiled up here. Watching 12.15 area.

DAKT Stock seems to be bottoming here. Watching 8.93 area for a quick trade.

DNKN Over 20SMA could get a reaction.

ELN 15.25 break out watch.

INXN Bouncing 8 EMA, Watching over 18/18.27 for continuation.

KERX Bio. name. Watching 5.19 area.

MNTG Looks to be setting up. Low vol. consolidation so far. Needs volume for expansion. 

MPWR Break out watch over 19.90.

PDS  Beaten down oil name. Watching for a bounce trade.

SHFL 20 SMA bounce  after a flag seems to set it up for more. Watching over 17.75.

ZLTQ Triggered on Friday . Junk stock, watching for a continuation for a quick trade.

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