Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Watch List For 06/29/2011

ABV Breakout alert for 33.24.

AXTI Watching over 8.50 for a trade.

GLBC Looks decent for 37.50 breakout.

INHX Looks good over 4.07 for a trade.

ISSI  Like the way this one basing around all the major MA's.Over 9.50 for a trade.

LAVA Another strong bounce on 20 SMA .Watching over 8 for a 8.08 breakout with volume.

NUAN Over 21 for a trade.

ORS Over 5.85 for a trade.

RENN Over 8/8.07 for a target trade to 20 SMA, 8.90 area.Unlikely but possible.

SIGM Looks to be bottoming. Watching over 8.38 for a trade.

VVTV Bounced at 20 SMA after 3 day pull back. Watching over 7.85 for a trend continuation.