Thursday, June 9, 2011

Watch List For 06/10/2011

Watch List  For 06/10/2011:

VICL Old alert 4.08 looks good watch over 4.02.

AET Looks good over 44.16.

CBRX Tight triangle. Worth watching 3.50 with volume.

CBST Looks good over 36.30 with volume.

CCIX Like it over 12.40. thin name.

DAR  Bull flag and bounce 20 SMA. Like it over 18.20.

KFY  Looks decent over 21.

SQNS Bounce watch. Low volume pull back so far. Like it if goes green tomorrow,todays high was 14.35. Spready and fast mover. Reduce size.

SWI  Breakout alert for 24.78.

TWER Watching over 5.16 for a trade. Previous breakout area acting as support for now.

VHC  Looks decent over 27.50 with volume.

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