Saturday, June 4, 2011

Weekly Watch List.

Terrible Market action this week,however, few watch list names were able to eke out some gains if you were day trading and fast.As a trader out goal should be preserve capital and try find opportunity regardless of Market condition. We have been down hard for three days now and S&P 500 index closed completely outside of the lower Bollinger Band.It wouldn't take a lot to brew up a bounce sometime next week. Stocks on the next week's watch list managed to held up well during this correction. I expect them to outperform general Market short term ,once we recover.

Last weeks watch list performance:

Watch List Ideas:

ABV Brazilian stocks has been strong. Like this one over 32.

CECO Momentum play.Watching back over 24.95 for a trade.

DTG  Breakout watch over 84.25.

EDMC  Over 25.14 for a quick  trade  with tight stop.

GGB Brazilian stocks has been strong. Like this one over 11 to a target trade to 50 SMA, currently 11.47.

GIB Watching over 23.30. Full  breakout at 23.59.

GLBC Watching 34.80 area for a trade.

LAVA Over 7.20 whenever triggers.

LNG Holding up breakout area. No clean spot, however worth watching over 11 for a trade.

MHLD Watching over 9.58, full breakout at 9.75

MSO Breakout alert over 5.49.

QPSA Watching over 9.50/9.65 whenever triggers.

SONE Looks good over 7.47. Could be a slow mover.

SQNS For experienced traders, potential trade over 17 with triangle break at 17.87.

TAM  Brazilian airline stock. Like this one over 22.55.

XG Gold stock.Breakout alert for 12.
YMI Over 3.78 for a trade.

XTXI Momentum play over 11.60 for a trade.

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