Thursday, June 2, 2011

Watch List For 06/03/2011

Another down day with feeble bounce attempt. Big job number in the morning before the Market opens, might set the tone for tomorrow. Very few setups long or short. Please keep size small and take profit /loss fast.

ALKS Watching over 18.37. Recent high was 18.77.

AVEO Old alert triggered today at 19.40. Watching for a full breakout at 20 now.

BCON Over 1.48,target trade to 50 SMA 1.62.

BIOS Old alert 7.78 triggered today with low volume.Watching for a continuation over 7.85.

DEPO Over 9.20, clear sky above.

GTXI Thin name, watching over 6.10 for 6.25 breakout with volume.

PCYC Over 7.20 for a scalp.
PDS Breakout alert for 15.65 .

QTM Watching 3.25/3.31 area for gap fill trade to 3.53.

ROYL Looks good over 3.68 for a trade.

SQNM Old alert triggerd over 8 today. Looking for a follow through over 8.21.

ZLCS Old alert 2.70, closed at alert. Watching over 2.75 again.

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