Monday, June 27, 2011

Watch List For 06/28/2011

It seems early breakout buyers/chasers are being shaken out a lot intraday lately. Please stay nimble,and allow stocks to setup well before trading.

7.65 breakout looks good. Watching over 7.55.

ALKS Like way this one setting up. Watching over 17.81 tomorrow. 18.35 resistance area with break out over 18.77.

CLFD Thin name so far but 7 is a big resistance and all time high. Could breakout well.

HSII Looks decent over 22.20 for a trade. Thin name.

LMLP Old alert 3.79 looks decent.

MKC  Nice hammer action on 20 SMA.Watching for a breakout over  50.68.

SLM Breakout watch over 17.11 whenever triggers.

SPPI Watching over 9.03 for a scalp.

VDSI Watching over 12.38 for a trade. Thin name .

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