Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Watch List For 06/09/2011

Very few long satups , at the same time short is becoming riskier as Market keeps on selling off. JVA, TRR from yesterday had a nice follow through today even on a weak Market. If you had caught them from blog watch list yesterday, you would be up 15% on JVA and 18% in TRR today.

Watch list performance today:

ABV Over 32.13 for a trade.
BLTI Over 5.55 for a scalp.

ARIA  Watching over 9.12. Breaks out at 9.58.

GKK  Watching over 2.55 for a target trade to 200 SMA 2.86.

IPAR Over 21.56 for a trade. Not a A setup but if we bounce.

JVA Triggered yesterday and breaking out today. Look for continuation over 8.50. No chasing please.

ONTY Watching over 6.56, Breaks out at 6.77.

XTXI  Old alert. This one needs to go soon. Watch over 8.50.

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