Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekly Watch List.

Another great week for the blog watch list that triggered, even though Market stayed weak . Should be an interesting week as all eyes are on the 200 day moving averages on SPY and QQQ’s. Waiting to see if Bulls can take a stand and defend 200 SMA. Hoping for a bounce at 200 SMA if we get there, since it’s the first touch, buyers should step in for a bounce trade. Personally I am expecting a bounce rally soon. Very few swing setups out there. Many broken charts and needs time to setup again for long or short. Keep  your powder dry, stay nimble and keep you time frame short for now.

JVA biggest winner for the week, up  over 100% in four trading day since it was added on the watch on 06/06!

 Watch list performance for the week:

Weekly watch list:

200/100 SMA big resistance as stock is all coiled up. A close over 7.96 could set this one up for a swing long. Close below 7.24 could work as a short.

CBLI Watching over 5.24 for a target trade to 20 SMA 5.60 area.
COOL Breakout alert over 4.19 whenever triggers.

ENTG Looks decent over 9.28.
GLUU Watching over 4.82 for a trade.

CLUB Not the prettiest daily chart but like the way this one is coiling up on increasing volume.Watching over 7.14 for a trade.

GNET Looks good for a scalp over 11.38 to 50 SMA target, currently at 11.93.

KKD  Old alert 8.54 still valid. Holding up well. Watching over 8.36 again.

HPY Over 20.14 for a trade.

ISSI Like the way this one basing around all the major MA’s.  Watching over 9.35.A close over 9.50 whenever triggers for a swing trade.
NUVA Looks good over 34.27 for a trade.
SOLR  Only solar name staying strong. If the group bounces,over 12.50 for a trade.

VHC Old alert 27.50 still looks good.
VVTV Really long base.Watching over 7.36. Full breakout over 7.67.

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