Monday, June 6, 2011

Watch List For 06/07/2011

Another trend down day as we quickly approaching over sold zone. S&P 500 closing below lower Bollinger band for two days in a row now. The rubber band is being stretched too far. A snap back rally could happen anytime.However I am not anticipating anything as I remain fully in cash overnight and will trade what I see intra day. Waiting to see if desperate bulls can pull a "Turn around Tuesday".

ARMH  Over 50 SMA currently at 28.74 could have some tradable action.

IDIX Potential scalp over 5.

JVA Holding 20 SMA for now. Looking for a bounce if goes green tomorrow.

MEDH  Holding up well, watching over 13.50.

MGI  Watching over 3.80.

PCYC Old alert 7.20 looks good.

RDNT Closed at 50 EMA. Now watching for a bounce at 50 SMA , 4 area or if it goes green tomorrow.

RPTP Over 6 for scalp on good volume.

TRR Thin name but looks decent over 7.58. HT @mb_willoughby.

VICL Watching over 4.08.

WINN Watching to see if it can hold 8 area for a bounce. If not will look for a bounce around 7.50.
SONE Old alert 7.47 looks good.

ZAGG No clean number but watching to see if today’s low holds for a trade.

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