Sunday, June 19, 2011

Weekly Watch List.

Weekly watch list, long and short:

 AREX Oil/Gas name. Potential short below 19.28.

BLTI Over 6.10 could bring some momentum to this stock.

BWS Like This one over 10.33 with a target trade to 50 SMA , currently at 11.15.

 CPF Watching over 13.87 . Big resistance over at 14.54 area.Super strong volume pattern.

HOTT  Multiple bounce on 50 SMA, Watching Over 7.26 for a trade.

IDIX 5.35 breakout alert still valid.

IMAX Needs to hold 29 area, a break could take it down for a gap fill and a test of 200 SMA.

INCY Looks good over 18.53. Volume is coming back.

QTWW Watching over 3.66 for a scalp trade.

SBH Breakout watch over 16.90. Staying strong.

SFLY Looks good short below 100 SMA, currently at 49.

SGI Potential short blow 14.56.

SPPI Watching over 9.03 for a scalp  trade.

VVTV Breaks out at 8.

ZAGG High and tight flag on lower volume.Breaks out over 13.

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