Monday, June 13, 2011

Watch List For 06/14/2011

Another up/down/up and a choppy day in the Market. Few alerts , SOLR, GLUU,GNET,VHC triggered right  at the open today only to fail later. In this type Market environment, chasing a gap at the open always a bad idea. Very few setups once again. I have both long and short setups below. Please take only on good intraday setup.

AG Silver name, looks good short below 16.21 if silver stays weak.

ALJ Oil/gas name, looks good short below 10.52 if Market doesn't bounce.

AVD Holding up well. Watching over 11.82, breaks out at 12.36.

CVI Over 22 for a potential trade. Strong volume today.

MPEL Watching over 10.94 for a trade.

SIGM Maybe over 8.12 for a bounce trade.Falling wedge setting up. Good volume today.

SWI  Old alert, Potential breakout over 24.78.

TNAV Watching  50 SMA , currently at 13.70 area for  a reversal.

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