Saturday, February 26, 2011

02-26-2011 Watch List For Next Week.

AVNW Break out alert for 6.50.

CATM Break out alert for 19.53. Strong volume Friday.

DEPO Managed to close over 20 EMA, worth watching over8.75 for a trade.

ENH  Breaks out at 48.94.

FIG Low volume break out retest. Worth stalking for an entry.

GKK Break out watch over 5.50.

HLIT Looks good over 9.75

KND Break out watch over 25.79.

SIMO Break out alert for 8.62.

STEI  Low volume pullback during Market weakness.Breaks out at 7.70.

TCBI Break out watch over 25.50.

TRS Looks good over 21.73 for a trade.

WWE Gap fill play.

TQNT Break out watch over 15.20.

AKRX Hammer,followed by a Bullish candle on Friday.Worth watching over 5.64 for a trade.

ALJ Momentum play, scalp over 11.38.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

02-19-2011 Watch List For Next Week.

AG Silver play.Looks good over 14.50

ATSG  Flagging after big volume move up. Worth watching over 8.50.

BLTI Spec. play.Could be a spiker over 3.30 with volume.

COH  Breaks out at 58.55

FLEX  Break out watch over 8.50.

FLOW Break out watch. Worth stalking over 4.20.

FULT Breaks out over 11.19 with volume.

GPOR Break out watch over 27.19

HILL Flagging after big volume move up. Worth watching over 3.49.

HNSN Tight triangle. Worth watching over 2.25.

ICGN Spec. play.Could be a spiker over 3.67 with volume.

IT Break out watch over 38.85.

KEYN Tried to break out Friday. Worth watching over 19.57 again.

SCSS Big break out at over 12.06.

WBS  Break out watch over 23.73.

WWWW Break out watch over 12.35.

XXIA  Breaks out over 19.10.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Watch List For 02/14/2011

FTK  Breaks out 7.42. Worth stalking over 7.18.
ES Looks good over 6.44.

FXEN Break ot watch over 10.73. Worth stalking over today's high.

GDP bounced 20 SMA. Like it on this flag break with volume.

GLBL  Bounced 20 SMA on strong volume. Worth watching over 8.

IO Watching over 10.10

PWAV  Watching over 3.87 for a break out play

SFN Momentum play, over 13.48 with volume.

TGB Looks great over 6.08

URRE Like it over 3.38

VSCP Momentum play. over 2.83.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

02-13-2011 Watch List For Next Week

LXU Resting before the next move higher. Alert over 31.50.
HUN Breaks out at 18.20.

SNCR Over 35.42 with volume

SWI Breaks out over 21. Little rest sets it up even better.

TTMI Trying to break out. Watch for continuation Monday.

USEG Break out watch over 6.34.

BRKS Break out watch over 12.80

BSQR Bull flag. Worth watching over 11.37.

CWST Low volume pull back to previous break out area and 20 SMA.Worth stalking.

DEPO Momentum play.Trying to break this mini bull flag. Watching for volume expansion.

GBX Breaks out at 25.44.

IDTI Momentum play. Worth watching over this mini Bull flag break over 7.61.

NCT Looks good over 7.30 for a trade.
AXL Looks good over 13.80 for a trade.
KEYN Like it over 18.56.
LDK, nice Cup and Handle pattern. Watching over 13.