Sunday, February 6, 2011

Watch List For Next Week.

Momentum play,looks good over 7.4
Break out watch over 5.40 with volume.
 Momentum play. Looks good over 10.69.
Quick break out retest. Looks good over 24.13.
Break out watch over 9.35.
Looks good over 4
Big volume on Friday. Looks good over 14.90.
Hammer candle on 20 SMA. Worth watching over 7.10/7.40
Breaks out over 7.87.
 Like it right here. Strong volume Friday.Looks higher.
Stair stepping higher after breaking triangles. Worth watching.
 Momentum play.Looks good over 17.48.
Breaks out over 6.39 with volume.
Momentum play, scalp over 9. Bullish volume pattern.
Like it right here. Strong volume Friday on earning.
Setting up an Inverse H&S. Looks good over 6.80.

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Stewie said...

Nice setups as always nyc!!