Sunday, December 5, 2010

Watch List For Next Week.

Some big winners from my recent chart setups posted here and at StockTwits.Com.
Many decent looking chart setups for next week:

BRF looks good over 12.07

CALP long over 6

CATY Great looking Financial stock,Break out watch over 14.90

CPNO Setting up again for higher price. Alert for 30.60

ENI Long over 24.19

GDP Looks good over 16. Even better after a little pull back

GLBL looks good above 6.60

HOTT  Looks good over 6.17

ININ Long over 28.10 with volume

LCRY Long over 10.07.Looks angry with strong volume.

MTZ Long over 14.68 for a trade

TAL Like it over 30, Breaks out at 30.88

TAM long over 25.94

TRGL looks good over 16.38

TWI Break out alert for 16.88

WRES Tight flag. long alert for 4.70

LUK Long over 27.65

MALL long over 7.30 with volume

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Ben said...

Heat by 10, NYC. :)

Have a good weekend.