Saturday, October 29, 2011

Weekly Watch List 10/31/2011

Few big winners from last weeks watch list:

Watch list stocks:

AUMN  Rare earth name, watching over 7.85 on sector strength.

AVL Rare earth name,back over 3.60.

CIS This type of pattern working well for quick 10/12% intraday gains., watch it over 3.85. Mind the 50 SMA 4.06.

CISG China name. Like it back over 50 SMA.

CROX Maybe a trade over 17.50.

CTCM Like it over 12.49.

DSX Shippers, watch it over 8.50 on sector run.

EXM Shipper, Flagging here, watch over 3 on sector run.

JVA Back over 200 SMA.However 20 EMA keeping it down. Over 11.47.

LPR Watching over 50 SMA at 7.80.

NAT Shippers,, looks great over 16, Look for early entry if the sector is strong.

PRGN Shipper, Tight flag, might pop over 1.19.

REDF Stopped again at 200 EMA and downtrend line, Watch it over 7.87 for a pop.

SHZ  Rare earth name,Over 2.

TZOO  China name, watch 34 spot.

YOKU China name, watch it over 23.47 for continuation with 100 SMA as reasonable target.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day trade review FTNT, CHS

FTNT was not on last nights watch list, however , I saw the stock doing well after hours on surprise earning beat. Earning gap up is one my favorite pattern to trade in the morning after a small intra day pullback/consolidation,usually above 15 minute high, since the stock has strong catalyst.Click the chart to see more:

CHS was an watch list item, alert was for 12.60. Usual intra day base break at 12.60 and wasn't extended too far at 12.60 alert.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Watch List For 10/25/11

Extended Market, take them only on good intra day setup. Not on gap ups or spikes.

ARX Over 10.54. Good volume today. HT @Ivan2big.

CBOU Could  see a  pop over 50 SMA, 13.50 area.

CHS Over 12.60 for a trade.

CVV Over 17 on a good intraday setup.

DATE China name, Thin, watch over 9 for a scalp.

GMXR Oil/gas name  over 2.50 on sector strength.

KEG Oil name . watching over 11.95/12 on sector strength.

MENT Maybe over 10.50.

NUVA Over 18.06 for a continuation.

PWRD China name. Like it back over 13.70.

SD  Oil/Gas name, maybe over 7.70 on sector strength.

SMBL Over 6.90/7.

STP Solar name, watching over 2.55 on flag break.

TAOM China name, over 6.21 for a trade.

TTMI Base breakout over 11.75.

VDSI Looks good over 6.14, however earning 10/27.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Weekly Watch List.

ABFS Over 18.67 for a continuation.

ACW  Looks decent over 6 for a trade.

AGP Watching over 45.15.

AIR Over 18.80. target trade to 50 SMA.

ASBC Bank stock. Over 11.20 for a continuation.

CBG Maybe this time, old alert 15.50
CSGS Looks decent over 14.15.

CMTL Break out over 33.

FCH  Real estate name.Maybe a trade over 2.89. 

GFA Over 6.97/7

HCA Like it over 23.55.
JEC Looks good over 38.

MITK Like it back over 12.22.

NOC Watching over 55.83.

NVLS Over 32, target trade to 200 SMA.

PACB Over 3.99 then over 4.16 with volume.

PSMT Breaks out over 75.50.

SAVE Thin high flier, bounced at 20 EMA. Maybe over 15. Thin thin.

TKLC Over 9.28 in case it decides to continue.

RLJ Real estate name. Over 14/14.20.