Thursday, October 13, 2011

Watch List for 10/14/11

AIR  Watching over 18.60

AXTI Watching over 5.73.

CISG China name, Bottoming pattern. Watch over 6.50 with 7 resistance.

EBS Tight flag here. Maybe over 19.         

EGHT Watching over 4.48.

FLO Over 19.90 into the gap.

MITK Like it back over 10.80.

MWA Looks good over 2.85.Mind the 100 SMA at 3.

OPTR Like it back over 15.28.

PCYC Break out watch over 13.

THOR Watching for 37 breakout.

YGE Solar name, Watching over 4/4.07.

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