Sunday, October 2, 2011

Watch List for 10/03/2011

CRU Watching long over 9.70.
CONN  Long above 7.85, short below 7.10.

HME Bear flag setting up. Watching below 56.55 for a short.

HRBN Over 40% float short. Stock trying to make new high’s. Watching over  21.50.
IACI Could trigger some stops if breaks 50 SMA, 39 area.

IPCM Breakdown short below  35.30.

MELA Watch for a bounce over 4.57 or a breakdown here.

NLC Strong name under market pressure. Could setup short under 50 SMA  currently at 34.70.
NUS Former high flier barely holding 50 SMA. Needs to bounce here or else.

NXTM Holding up well. Watching over 21.43.

PCRX Bouncing on dual support at 20/50 SMA. Long watch over 10, short watch below 9.50.
PKT Having trouble clearing 100 SMA at 9.90 while dual support 50/200 SMA squeezing from below.Long over 9.90.Short below 9.

PNM  Alert for  17 in case it decides to breakout.

QUAD  Breakdown short below 17.50.

TRW Breakdown short below 32.

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