Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Watch List for 10/12/11

DATE Day traded this one today, like it back over 9 again. Thin reduce size.

GVA Alert for 21.15

IMN Looks decent over 8.

JAKK Breach of 20 EMA/200 SMA, could  get some reaction over 18.20.

JKS Like it over 7.70. Too far away but if China name strong and on volume.

KEG Oil  name. Looks good over 11.Increasing volume.

MELA Old alert 6.04 looks good.

NAK Gold/Silver name. Maybe over 7.30 for a trade.

OPTR Looks good over 14.64.

SRI Over 6.20.Like the increasing volume.

SUSS Like it over 20.78 with volume.

TRGT Continuation over 17.38.

TSPT No clean number but keep an eye over 8.45. Fast mover and holding up well.

VVUS Bio. name. Maybe over 8.50 for a trade.

WETF Over 6.05.

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