Thursday, March 31, 2011

Watch List For 04/01/2011

 If you have seen my Twits earlier then you know that it has come to my attention that there is a paid web site,, has recently  been copying setups from here.  So buyers be aware.

Market is quickly reaching overbought stage. Play it tight.

SMCI  Over 16.20 for a break out trade.

LAVA Breaks out over 6.84 with some volume.

XIDE Over 11.30 for a trade.

ACTG Looks good over 34.93 on a Bull flag break out.

ASIA Big move today with volume. Might be a good scalp over 21.90.

DTLK  Over 6.46, a target trade to 50 SMA or 6.90. Something has to happen soon.

FXEN Oil name, Like it over 8.50, a target trade to 50 SMA or 9.

OCZ  Big volume bounce at support, back over 50 SMA. Watching 8.50 area.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Watch List For 03/31/2011

ARAY Coiling between 20/50 SMA. Worth watching over 9.25 for a trade.

CALD Breaks out over 7. Super thin stock.

ELOS Watching over 13.21 for a trade. Same sector as ARAY

IGTE Over 19.30 for a trade.

LZB Over 9.37 for a trade.

MTZ Setting up nicely below 21.15 break out.

SFN  Watching over 14/14.21 for a trade.

SIMO Looks good over 8.27 for a trade.

SLTM  Looks good over 3.41. same sector as ARAY, ELOS
PKT Breaks out at 10.43

SCON Over 3.24 for a  trade

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Watch List For 03/29/2011

CBRX Over 3.90 for a trade.Breaks out over 4.09.

DEPO  Over 10 for a target trade to 10.40.

DK  Big surge in volume today. Breaks out at 13.47.

GRM Breaks out watch over 18.07.

INPH Watching over 7 for a trade .Breaks out at 7.59.

LPSN  Watching over 12.43.

NEOP Spec. play, over 4.20 for a scalp.

REE- Over 13.50, Momentum sector.

TTI Breaks out at 15.36 with volume.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Watch List For 03/28/2011

ATRN Over 4.48 for a scalp.

BLTI Watching over 4.87 again.

CBLI Spec. play, over 7.85 for a scalp.

DSCI Like the was consolidating on low volume. Worth watching for a spike.

GBX  Next Break out over 30.38.

HF 14.40 is a big level. Worth watching.

SCOR Over 29 with some volume

ASTM Spec play. Big volume gap up over 50 SMA,over 2.68 for a scalp

SATS Watching 37.50 level.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

03-26-2011 Weekly Watch List.

Good week for the Market as the bounce was fast and furious . Short squeeze was in full effect in many names. Next week will be a key to see if this bounce has any follow through. Few side way days would be better, that way Market will have time to digest recent gains.As always trade what you see. Regardless of what market does, there are always money to be made for short term traders like us.Many notable winners from last weeks setups like SIMG, SGI, FTK,PDS,COOL, BRFS,OME,SSW,SPPI ISTA,SRZ,BRNC.

Finally if you like my blog/setups/twits, please feel free to write a Investimonials review. 

ARAY  Coiling between 20/50 SMA. Worth watching over 9.20 for a trade.

BKD Breaks out at 27.75.

CPE Looks good over 7.8 for a trade.

DHR Very nice setup here. Breaks out at 52.19.

DNR  Breaks out at 24.69.

FTO  Break out watch over 29.

GKK  Bounced at support with big volume.Over 50 SMA, under 20 SMA. Worth watching.

HEES  Looks great over 18 in anticipation for a break out. Stop below 17.35.

HP Strong setup breaks out at 66

KEG Break out watch over 16.10.

KOG  Over 7 negates the Head &Shoulder pattern.10% short.

LAVA  Setting up for a break out over 6.84.Little rest would be better.

MTZ Setting up nicely below 21.15  break out.

OIIM Coiling between 20/50 SMA.Looks good over 7.90 for a trade.

ROSE Energy name,setting up nicely below 46.20 break out.

SGI Full break out over 20.

SIMG  Looks good over 9.90 and then over 10.20.

SRX Nice and tight setup here. Over 28.30

SM Energy name,setting up nicely below 74.85  break out.

TTI  Breaks out at 14.36.

TYPE Breaks out at 14.

UTEK Breaks out at 26.47 Support around 24.Bullish ascending triangle.

XIDE Over 11.28 with volume.