Saturday, March 5, 2011

03-05-2011 Watch List For Next Week.

BLTI  Breaks out over 3.88.

CRUS Break out watch over 25.5.

DBLE Like the way it bouncing 20 SMA. Breaks out at 12 on Oil strength.

ENS Looks good over 36.11.

FALC Worth watching over 4.88 with volume.

HLIT Like this one this triangle break, over 9.80-10

HYC Closed at Break out area.Worth watching over 11.11

IDTI Over 8 for a trade

INPH Momentum play.Like it over 5.85 with volume.

MERC Momentum play. Riding 8 EMA. if volume comes in, it should break out.

NCR Looks good over 19.38 for a trade.
Low volume consolidation above 20 SMA.Looks good over 8.44 for a trade.

PKT 'V' shaped move on this one but worth watching. Major momentum

SCSS Closed at break out area on Friday.Watching for a follow through.

SD Breaks out over 11.15 on Oil strength.

SMCI Break out watch over 16.

TER Breaks out over 19.20

UTEK Looks great over 26.47.Bullish volume pattern.

VVTV Like it over 7 for a trade.

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traderstewie said...

Awesome picks nyc!! HLIT, DBLE, BLTI looks very good.