Thursday, March 31, 2011

Watch List For 04/01/2011

 If you have seen my Twits earlier then you know that it has come to my attention that there is a paid web site,, has recently  been copying setups from here.  So buyers be aware.

Market is quickly reaching overbought stage. Play it tight.

SMCI  Over 16.20 for a break out trade.

LAVA Breaks out over 6.84 with some volume.

XIDE Over 11.30 for a trade.

ACTG Looks good over 34.93 on a Bull flag break out.

ASIA Big move today with volume. Might be a good scalp over 21.90.

DTLK  Over 6.46, a target trade to 50 SMA or 6.90. Something has to happen soon.

FXEN Oil name, Like it over 8.50, a target trade to 50 SMA or 9.

OCZ  Big volume bounce at support, back over 50 SMA. Watching 8.50 area.

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