Sunday, April 3, 2011

04-03-2011 Weekly Watch List.

I am going to keep the commentary simple as always. Market looks tired, that’s doesn’t necessarily means we are heading lower. A little sell off or consolidation will be great to reset some chart.
Break out plays tend to get choppy in a tired Market as players are more skeptical. If you are playing break outs, be careful to hit buy button on a price alert with a spike. Make sure that the stock has an intraday base with volume below the alert.
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ACTG Triggered Friday, now breaks out at 36.44.

AEN Spec. Bio play. looks good over 1.98.

ASGN  Little rest will set this one up for 10.87 break out.
BECN Nice looking setup.Over 21.57, this one could go higher.

BGCP Over 9.50 for a trade.

BLTI Watching over 5 for a trade.

CBRX setting up again. Worth watching over 4.

CT  Watching over 2.47.

FVE Break out watch over 8.62.

HS Looking for a continuation over 39.58.

HW Breaks out over 6.16.

HWAY Breaks out at  15.88.

MDCO Tight triangle on this one. Expecting a move next week.

MDRX Breaks out at 22.21.

MPEL Over 8.02 for a continuation, even better after a little pullback  Monday morning.edit: Chart says 7.02 by mistake.

MERC Setting up for a breakout. Watching over 14.

MRGE Setting up for a break out over 5.36.

MTZ Break out watch over 21.25.
MYRG Breaks out at 25.84.

PWAV Forming a little pennant , watching over 4.70.

QLTI Over 7.37 for a scalp.

SBGI Break out watch over 13.

STEI Break out watch over 13.

TEX Setting up nicely below 38.50 break out.

WY  Breaks  out watch over 25.20.


Brad said...

Great setups as always, just curious - Why did you truncate your posts?

NYC Trader said...

Thanks, Brad! I am not sure what you mean by truncating post?

TheSnowMan said...

Do you use any scanners or just pour through the charts?

NYC Trader said...

I do use few scanners, however most of the good setups comes from hard & old fashioned way, skimming through many/ many charts.