Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Watch List For 04/13/2011

ACUR Momentum play ,over 4.34 with volume, a massive gap to fill on top.

APRI Bio. name , might run over 4.79 with volume.

CBLI Bio. name. Could run over 8.

CYTX Breakout watch over 8.44. Strong volume today.

HYC back over 20 SMA. Worth watching over 11.88.

LPHI Posted this one before.Looking better now worth watching for an  entry.

RA Tried to breakout today, Watching over 17.34 again.

SKH 2nd try for a break out. Over 15.93 might try again.

SWI Picked a wrong day to breakout, Watching over 24.36 again.

UDRL     Brokeout with big volume Monday. Massive hammer on 20 SMA today. Watching over 11.

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