Sunday, April 24, 2011

04-24-2011 Weekly Watch List.

If you have missed please see the weekend post about some Chinese bottom  plays.

ALJ  Over 14.50 for a trade.

ANIK Old alert still in play. Bio name, watch over 10-10.12 with volume.

ARIA Bio name. Breakout over  8.57.

BAK  Breakout watch over 29.38.

CLS  Looks good over 11.15.

DK Oil refiner name, Breakout watch over 14.37.

EMKR  Over 2.44 for a trade.
HEK Worth watching over 6.44.

END  Old breakout alert 14.98 still valid.

MTW  Breakout watch over 23.13.

OIIM  Over 7.23,looking for a target trade to 50 SMA currently at 7.66.
RBA  Breakout watch over 28.94.

NNBR Low volume pullback so far.Watching over 16.88.

TREX Break out alert for 34.

WWWW  Breakout alert for 15.60.

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