Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Watch List For 04/06/2011

AZC   Watching over 5.50 on gold/silver strength.

BDCO Like it over 8. most likely a gaper.Volatile name , reduce size.

CLS  Over 11.10 for a trade.

CLWR Over 6 for a trade.

FL Breaks out over 20.50.

INPH Like the way volume is coming back. Watching for a trade. Volatile name.

NCR Watching over 19.14 for a trade.
Easy stop below 19.

NG Gold name , looking for a continuation over 13.80.

SSN Over 4.06 for a trade with tight stop.

GR Over 7.52 for a trade with volume.


Todd y Anna said...

How does CBRX look now after the wild swings up, down and closing at 4.03, .06 higher than yesterday?
Thanks for your charts.

NYC Trader said...

Peril of trading Bio ,they are so news driven. Still watching. Tomorrow is a key day.