Thursday, April 14, 2011

Watch List For 04/15/2011

BRNC Watching over 20 SMA for a possible trade.

CRIS Orderly pullback so far after breakout and holding 8 EMA. Worth watching over  4.

DAR Bounced at breakout area and 20 SMA. Worth watching over 15.60.

DVR Watching over 7.53 for a  breakout trade.

KEYN  This one wants to go again. Watch for volume.21.75 was prior high.

LAVA Over 6.66 or 20 SMA for a swing trade.

LZB Filled the gap and bounce 20 EMA.Watching 10.40 area.

OMEX Watching over 3.40 for a trade.

TITN posted this one few days ago, Breaks out at 28.48. Little rest even better.

UDRL Posted this one two days ago .triggered at 11 today. Still looking good  over 11.70.

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