Monday, April 4, 2011

Watch List For 04/05/2011

20 out of 25 setups posted this weekend were triggered today and most worked which tells me that the Market is still strong for now and no need to fight the trend yet.Look for names with great chart setups,find a good entry and take some profit quickly when given and manage risks. AEN,CT, MPEL , MERC,MTZ were the big winners today. Hopefully some of you were able to catch a few.

CBRX Looking  good over 4 tomorrow. Great late day volume.

CBZ Twitted about this one during trading hour. Good looking break out, watch for a continuation over 7.43

CT From last night, triggered at 2.47. I think it has more over 2.95 for a scalp.

DHX Over 16.22 whenever its ready.

EXK Looks good over 10.24 on silver strength.

HLIT  twited about this one today. Big volume move, Breaks out over 10.05.

OVRL  Worth a try  over 2.50 only with good volume. Thin stock.

REDF over 8.26 for a quick trade

SFN Watching over 14.50. Breaks out at 14.98.
SKH Watching over 15.43 for a continuation.

TITN Setting up nicely for a break out. On watch.

TNAV Watching over 12, Breaks out at 12.27.

TSS looks good over 18.47 for a break out with volume.


ppmoore said...

Congratulations on your setups from yesterday, Monday. I started following you recently, impressed.

Sean said...

Excellent work. Almost as fascinating as the setups themselves would be how you derive them!