Sunday, April 10, 2011

Watch List For 04/11/2011

Market is becoming volatile as we approach the earning season. I'll be keeping my time frame short and stops tight. Stay nimble and take profit quickly if have them.

ATML 50 SMA acting as resistance for now. Worth watching over 13.84.

AXAS  Energy  name, Watching for the triangle to break over 5.74.

BAK High end setup, watching over 29.26.

  CALX  Few  crazy candles on the daily but t 20.85 is  a level to watch for  trade, clear air till 22.53.

CTCT Over 36.33 for a breakout trade.

DBLE Volatile energy name worth watching ,has the angry look and momentum.

LPHI Over 8.50 with volume could get this one going.

MENT Needs to hold here and make move. Looks good long over 14.80.

ENZN  Bio name,stuck between 200/50 SMA,  Over 11.12 for a trade with volume.

PLAB Looks good over 9.23 for a trade.

PVX  Energy name, breaks out over 9.38.

UTEK Held 20 EMA  and so far retesting break out. Watching over 26.47 again for a bounce.

NVMI Over 10.25 than over 10.50. Gaped over 50 SMA with volume on Friday.

SGI  Bull flag setting up again.Worth watching over 20.80.

OME Watching over 14.95 for a breakout.

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