Saturday, April 16, 2011

04-16-2011 Weekly Watch List.

04-16-2011 Weekly Watch List.

AKRX 6.50 is a big level for this stock. Worth watching.

ANIK Worth watching over 10.12 for quick trade.

CBLI Scalp over 8 with volume.

CONN  Watching over 6.25.

EFII  Tight pennant setting up. Watching over 17.20.

ELN Breakout over 8.

END Breakout over 14.98.

GLNG Over 27.78 this one might get some momentum.

ISIL Over 14.33 ,might try for a gap fill.

LPHI Looks ready over 8.50.

LRN  Looks great on all time frame. Breakout at 36.24.

MTZ Bullish candle on Friday, Watching over 20 SMA or 20.71.

NEOP Watching over 4.15.

NKTR Looks good over 10.24.

OLN  Breakout over 25.44.

OME Setting up for a breakout over 14.95.

OME Setting up for a breakout over 14.95.

PVX Breakout over 9.34.

SSW We caught the first breakout at 16.67. Now bounce play over 18.88.

UTEK 50 SMA bounce. Possible trade over 26.60.

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