Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Watch List For 04/27/2011

Watch List  For 04/27/2011:

CLS Triggered today at 11.15 with low volume and closed above 50 SMA. Worth watching above 11.25. Might go for Bollinger Band/ Keltner channel  squeeze.

CRIS  Triggered today at 4, No watching over 4.36 for a continuation.

EFII Tight pennant here. Worth watching over 17.90

GY Bounced 20 SMA Possible trade over 6.53.

PFSW Worth watching over 6.05 for a  bounce trade.

PLAB Triggered today at 9. Watching over 9.28 for a continuation.

PVX Looking good for 9.34 breakout.

SABA Over 10 with good volume.

TXCC  Closing Over 20 EMA. Possible trade over 4.55 with volume.

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