Monday, April 25, 2011

Watch List For 04/26/2011

Watch List For 04/26/2011:

AIB Worth watching over 3.73 for a trade.

CBI Like it above 41.31.

Hammer on 20 SMA. Watching over 4.05. Full breakout over 4.15.

ESLR Watching over 1.98 or whole number 2.

INVE over 3.72 for a possible trade.

MENT Old alert,back in play again. Like it above 10.70. Watch 50 SMA currently at 10.86.

MOBI Might be extended but this one is full of momentum. Watch 18.50 level for a trade.

UCTT Huge earning beat after hour.Most  likely a gaper. Watch 11.50 level. Only for experienced traders.

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