Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Watch List For 04/28/2011

Extended Market. Only take the trade if it sets up well  is good intraday. Please no chasing spikes and gap ups even if that means missing out.

AAU Over 5.24 for a breakout trade on Gold/Silver strength.

CDNS Breaks out over 10.40.

ENTG Bounced 50 SMA. Watching  over 8.87.

GLBL Oil name, Watching over 9.86.

FXEN Oil name,  Over 8.40 could get this one going for a trade.

NDN Over 20.40.

NPSP Over 10.15 for a trade.

PTRY Looks good over 15.77 for a trade.

QLTI Over 8.25 for a breakout trade.

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