Sunday, September 30, 2012

Watch List 10/01/2012

No follow through and a red day in the Markets. IMOS 15.75 worked to 16.MAPP 15.57 worked to 15.73. EDU 15.20 alert from Thursday  had a super follow through with a high of 17.13.

Long watch list for Monday. We have various type of patterns in play including "Holy Grail" pull back plays ,flag break, break outs and range breaks. I usually make a long watch list since this blog carters to different type of traders with various styles.. As always take only the setups that you really like and understand. Successful rate will be higher if you understand the trade.

If you are interested in trading these setups with me and learn trading, live in a chat room with a super team of traders, please send me an email for info.

CHSP Holding 20 SMA, No clean number but over 20/20.15 on flag break.

CLDX Bio. name,watching over 6.31 area for triangle break.

CLSN Bio. name. Holding 20 SMA and break out area so far. Watching if green Monday.

CRK Flagging above 20 MA,watching 18.55 area

CYCC Bio. name. Big volume run up, low volume pullback. Over 4.82 for a bounce trade.

HCII Breakout watch over 23.98.

LEDR Watching over 6.85 , breaks out at 7.16.

LEG Breakout watch over 25.24.

LNC Flag break watch over 24.50.

NTLS 17.76 is an area for this stock.

PNR Watching 45 area. Breaks out at 45.21.

PSUN Holding 20 SMA and break out area so far. Watching if green Monday.

RPRX Basing at 20 MA. No clean number but worth watching 15.30 for movement.

SNTS Coiled up, watching 9/9.06 area for movement.

SRPT We played this one at chat at from 14.77. Still looks good. Watching over 15.60 for a run to recent high 16.25.

SVNT On the move again. Continuation over 2.55.

TWER Range break watch over 4.08.

VIP Breakout watch over 12.

YNDX Continuation watch over 24.25.