Sunday, September 2, 2012

Watch List 09/04/2012

Another great day and week for the alert names. THLD 8.40 alert was good for high of 8.87. CAS was on watch list at 8/28 as it was making a tight flag over 12. If you followed the stock and my Twits Friday , you could have bought it at 12.25 area for a nice run to over 13. EA 20 MA 13 play worked well for .50c.
August has been a great month for trades. Lets see what September brings and Summer winds down as big players come back to play.We had a great day in the chat room trading ALXA,CAS,EA,HZNP.IMH,LCAV,THLD. Seven trades in the chat room  for me and all big gainers. Click the chart below to see some trade explanations:

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ACHN  Bio. name .Over 7.22 for a trade.

ALXA We had a nice trade on this on Friday. Watching again over 4.86

ARX  Watching this one over 7.11 with resistance at 7.49.

BV Watching over 15 for a trade.

CAS We caught this in the chat room  at 12.25, now  looking over 13.25 for a full breakout.

CCRT Small name, No clean umber yet ,just watching for a trade. Thin stock.

DORM  Another thin stock, Watching 30 on a good intraday setup.

ELLI  Looking for this triangle break either way. NR 7 candle Friday. Might make a move soon.

GDOT Heavily shorted stock, watch for movement  over 11.50. Over 21% shorts.

GTAT Retracement back to 20 MA after a big run, Watching for a bounce over 6.

INFI Old alert coming back to play . Break out watch over 18.50. Looks good.

NAK Gold/Silver very strong. Watching this one over 2.98/3. AG,KGN,GPL,RIC  few other metal names

PZZI  Very thin so far but chart looks good over 3.50 and volume.

QIHU Looking for a trade over 22.57.

SGI Holding 20 SMA so far. Might make a run over 8.75 area.

SPMD Momentum play. High and tight flag. Watching over 3.73.

XNPT Still like this one for a run.9.68 break out, Look for possible entry early.

XOMA  Bio. name over 3.50 for a trade.

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