Thursday, September 6, 2012

Watch List 09/07/2012

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ACTG Watching over 27.32.

BV Looks good over 15.20.

CAS Old watch list name, still watching for a move soon. Watch 12.90 area .

CTRP Flagging over 20 EMA after a huge run. No clean number yet bit watching over 17 for a movement.

FST  Oil name ,like this one over 8.10. Mind the 100 SMA above.

GCA Like it back over 7.80.

GTAT Watching this one back over 20 SMA/5.85 area.

IM Big area here. Watch for a continuation over 16.84. Preferably a red to green type of move.

JDSU 12 area is big for this stock.

NCQ Small time bomb. Watching for movement over 2.39 area for a bounce.

NEWP Breaks out over 13/13.04.

TEX  Break out watch over 22.50.

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