Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Watch List 09/19/2012

Nice day for Bio. names from the watch list. SRPT 14.17 alert from yesterday working really well as the stock hit a 52 week high 16.25 today. CLDX  6.12 from 9/17 watch list had a sweet gain and looks to be want more.. INXN keeps on doing its thing. PPHM  4.23 worked well. NTE 11 was good for a quick trade. All in all stuff  from watch list still working if you know where to look, even though Market has been pulling off last few days.

Click on the chart below to see how CLDX setup intrday today.

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ALXA. Bio. name. Still watching that 5/5.09.

ANIK Bio. name. Range break over 15.45. Has a gap to fill.

ARNA Bio. name. Over 9.44 on a good intraday setup for a scalp.

BPI Education names were strong today.  11.73 big level for this one.

CALL Flagging over 20 MA. No clean number yet, watch for a flag break.Swing type name.

CVO  2.40 is a level for this stock.

ECYT Bio. name . Breakout retest,10.89 next resistance.

ECYT Bio. name . Breakout retest,10.89 next resistance.

OREX Watching 6 for a continuation.

PPHM 4.23 alert from last night triggered today. Watch for a continuation.

RPRX Bio , old 15.80 alert looks good.

SGEN Bio. Watching this one forever. Finally a green close . Watching over today’s high 27.31.

SNPS Old 34.20 alert looks good.

TGA Old 12 alert looks good.

TSL Solar names. 4.55 level  looks intresting.

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