Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Watch List 09/12/2012

Decent day for last night watch list names. UBNT sat at alert 13 then a quick spike to 13.39 before fading. MAKO 17.82 spike fast for a anyone to catch. SSH gapped up but the pull back to alert 8.76/9 area gave a great entry for a trade to 9.64. I was able to catch this one .TSN 16 worked for .27c. 
INFI 18.55 was on the watch list forever. great move today  as it close over 19.

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Oil names like FST HFC WG GPRE looks decent. Education stocks like BPI, CECO, COCO looks decent.

LF, JIVE, CONN , CLDX few bounce candidates.

ABFS  Nice Bullish Engulfing candle. Over 8.53 for a continuation without a gap up.

ACHC  Over 22.03 for a continuation. Watched all day spiked over 22 at close.

BCE 45.11 break out alert.
BSFT Watching 38.68 area if it decides to go.
FCN This one triggered Thursday at 26.75. I still like this name over 27.75.

MTL Steel  name. Breaks out over 7.25. Only caveat too vertical move already.

PPC Still like it over 5.44

NRG Energy name. Over 22.36 with resistance at 22.92
RIGL Bio. name , back over 10.80.

TEO Nice Bullish Engulfing candle . Watching over 9.87/10 for a trade.

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