Thursday, September 13, 2012

Watch List 09/14/2012

Crazy day in the Markets today. Needless to day pretty much all the stock mentioned last night did well. CONN,ACTG, ELLI was in good mode even before the Fed. event. Went parabolic after that.

ALNY, DXCM,FSL, MAPP,SRPT,CLDX all triggered. Basically it was a casino hours after the Fed. news this afternoon. No one can take credit for it unless you arefriends with uncle Ben.  You could have thrown a dirt on anything and make money. From my experience, usually after a bit run up like today, things tend to get choppy for extended break out names, so I'll be focusing on some bottom play's. Rising tide lifts every thing.

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Also watch TEA 13

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