Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Watch List 09/13/2012

Many alerts right at open today. With so many charts looking the same, it is becoming difficult to pick "the ones". It will be good if we get a pullback, that way we will get wash out and the strongest ones will stand out. However no sign of pullback so far. CAS 13, ALNY 19 have been on the watch list forever.Great run for them today.Will be looking for a follow through tomorrow.

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CLDX, CONN,MXWL,SGEN ,SRPT, ZIP, THLD few bounce candidates.

DXCM, AIR,ELLI,GNK,NQ,AOL,XLS few other names of interest.

AC TG  Watch that 27.75.

ALNY  Triggered today over 19. Now watch for a follow through with 20.63 magnet.

BSFT  Last night’s Triggered today at 38.68, Over 40 this one might try that 40.67 and a breakout.

FSL Watching over 10.62.

MAP Looks decent over 15/15.11.

SNPS Watching over 34.20.

WIFI Into the gap over 7.60.

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