Monday, September 17, 2012

Watch List 09/18/2012

SRPT,INXN,ASTI,FRO,GWRE some decent movers from last nights watch list. Bio tech stocks were very strong today so you will see many Bio. names in tomorrow's watch list.

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BMTI Bio. name. Break out retest so far. 4.44 recent high.

MDCO Nice bounce off 50 MA yet again. Dip buying at 50 MA has worked last 4 times. See if it continues this time.

NTE Continuation watch over 11.

PCRX Bio. name. No clean number but watching over 20 SMA  for a reaction.

PPHM Nice tight flag. Over 4.23 with volume.

RPRX Bio. name. Tight flag here. 15.80 recent high.

STEI Basing nicely. 8.48 recent high.

WIFI Old 7.60 gap fill alert.

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