Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Watch List For 04/20/2011

Watch List  For 04/20/2011

ANW Over 9.48, might take few days.

BKS Good volume today. Over 50% float short. Over 10.05 for a trade.

CT Great momentum on this one. Breaks out at 4.

EGOV Bull flag setting up. Watch over 20 SMA .

FVE This one might breakout sooner or later. Watching over 8.65. Resistance at 8.95.

ISIL  Over 14.33 ,might try for a gap fill, on Semi. strength.

ISTA Resistance at 20 SMA.Hammer candle at breakout area. Like it over 20 SMA or 10.14 for a trade.

LZB Watching over 10.55.

PIR Tight pennant. Watching over 11.90

ZRAN Tight setup here . Watching over 20 SMA now at 10.32 on Semi. strength. Horizontal resistance at 10.60.

INHX Twitted about this one today. Over 4.60 might be good for a scalp with volume.

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