Saturday, March 12, 2011

03-12-2011 Some Strong Stocks and Setups

Hope everyone came out well this week in the Markets. Market might be volatile in the near future. I would advise to reduce size and keep everything on tight leash. Don’t be too greedy; take profits when you have them. Obey your stop. If it gets too choppy take a walk. Don’t expect a ‘V’ shaped recovery on anything. We have bunch of broken charts in the leader stocks. Even if we have a bounce, most of them will look like Bear flag unless otherwise. Here’s a list of 16 stocks that showed strength during this week’s sell off. If the Market bounces, I would pay attention to these ones.

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ALJ Oil name staying strong. Breaks out at 11.73.

ALU- Holding up well. Watching over 5.40 for a trade.

BRNC  Retest of break out area and 20 SMA in one candle! Looks higher over 10.41.
CALD  Holding up well during sell off. Breaks out at 7 with volume.
CHS Nice Cup & Handle setup. Looks good over 13.94.
CSU Breaks out at 9.70. Strong volume pattern.
EGOV  Breaks out over 11.17.

EXEL Low volume sell off so far. 20 SMA acting as support. If it doesn't hold here 50 SMA next support.
HERO Oil name staying strong. Breaks out at 6.30.
PAG Coling at 20 SMA. Watching over 20.81.
PCS  Breaks out at 15.20 with volume.

RVI Watching over 18.05 with volume. Earning on 3/15.
TBL All coiled up here.Watching over 39.32.
USAT Looks good over 2.75 for a trade.
INPH Breaks out at 6.73 with volume. Could be spready/spikey. Reduce size.
WWWW Holding strong so far. Needs to bust out of this upper trend line with volume, preferably with a gap up over 13.50.

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Sean said...

I've said it before, but a thank you is never wasted.Your charts are among the clearest I've found on the net, and the setups are about the best.