Saturday, March 19, 2011

03-19-2011 Weekly Watch List.

Choppy /sloppy and a volatile week. In a news driven Market, most stocks have difficulty maintaining intraday trend as Algo’s /Black boxes goes to work full time to gun for stops in popular stop loss placements .Keep position size small and please do not over trade. In this environment, over trading could be a recipe for disaster. If you are swing trader, its better to stay out for now and let the volatility and news flows subside.
I am not holding any swing position for now. Most of my recent trades have been intraday scalps.Most of the break outs last week were soft. I am avoiding buying the first spike to break out price alert. Instead paying attention to volume and other factors at price alert to analyze whether break out will hold. I have seen many names that hit the break out price alert in the morning just to fail miserably or went nowhere or worked after shaking out everyone who bought the first spike.
We might be stuck in a range on Index’s before further direction, which could be a good thing, it will stabilize things and we should be able to find selective winners. There will be opportunity in both long and shorts. Trade them well next week.

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ACHN Breaks out at 6.41.

ANIK Spec. Bio tech play.Like this orderly pennant formation.

AVID Big volume on Friday. Breaks out at 23.35.

BCO  If this one could wait a little, over 32 break out would look good.

BGS Trying to break out. Worth watching.

BRNC Big momentum in drillers. Worth watching.10.20/10.40 area

CBR Over 6.13 for a scalp.

CELL Continues to Hold up well and forming a long base. Breaks out at 13.22

CLFD Like the way volume is drying out as it flat lines between 20/50 SMA. Will try for a scalp over 20 SMA with some vol.

CYTX Looks good over 7.48 for a momentum trade.

DTLK  This company had a secondary offering priced at 5.75. Price stabilizing around it over 50 SMA for a trade.

FTK Breaks out at 7.42.

FXEN Former momentum name. Like it over 7.65 for a quick trade.

HEES Filled the gap. with a hammer and now over 20 SMA. Over 17.30 for a trade.Increasing volume.Thin stock.

IRBT Break out watch over 30.50

ISTA Looks good over 8.55 with volume.

MAKO  Watching over 21.47 for a continuation. Friday high was 21.75.

OWW Might be bottoming here. Printing a double bottom.Worth watching over 3.77.

PDC Big momentum in drillers. Worth watching.

PDS Big momentum in drillers. Worth watching.

RRR  Holding up well. Breaks out at 14.15.

SPPI Consolidation after break out so far. Over 8.13 with volume, might run again.

TREX Looks good over 31.38 with some volume.

TTI Over 14.20 for a scalp. Good volume Friday.

WY  Strong looking chart. Breaks out at 25.13. Worth watching.

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