Saturday, October 29, 2011

Weekly Watch List 10/31/2011

Few big winners from last weeks watch list:

Watch list stocks:

AUMN  Rare earth name, watching over 7.85 on sector strength.

AVL Rare earth name,back over 3.60.

CIS This type of pattern working well for quick 10/12% intraday gains., watch it over 3.85. Mind the 50 SMA 4.06.

CISG China name. Like it back over 50 SMA.

CROX Maybe a trade over 17.50.

CTCM Like it over 12.49.

DSX Shippers, watch it over 8.50 on sector run.

EXM Shipper, Flagging here, watch over 3 on sector run.

JVA Back over 200 SMA.However 20 EMA keeping it down. Over 11.47.

LPR Watching over 50 SMA at 7.80.

NAT Shippers,, looks great over 16, Look for early entry if the sector is strong.

PRGN Shipper, Tight flag, might pop over 1.19.

REDF Stopped again at 200 EMA and downtrend line, Watch it over 7.87 for a pop.

SHZ  Rare earth name,Over 2.

TZOO  China name, watch 34 spot.

YOKU China name, watch it over 23.47 for continuation with 100 SMA as reasonable target.

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