Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Watch List For 11/03/2011

ACW Had a 14% day trade on this one last week. Back in the watch list over 6.80.

AFSI Over 26.27 for a continuation.

CISG Over 8.50 this one can run fast. Disclosure, I am long from lower.

CPE Oil name had earning after hours. Watch over 5.13.

DVR Oil name.Like it over 2.48

ELGX Maybe it goes this time. Watch 12.20 area.

FN Over 13.66 for a squeeze.

FOE Volume expansion, watch over 7.10.

KEG Oil name. Watching 13.47 area.

MDF Momentum play over 7.16 on good setup.

PACB Old alert 4.16 looks good.

SBRA Real estate name, over 10.50.

WNC Watching back over 7.56.

Z Earning play. Big short float. No clean number, 30/31.83  price area to watch.

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