Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Watch List Addition 11/15/2011

Market stuck in a range and range is tightening up. Everyone expects a resolution soon. Choppy/sloppy move until then. Please trade the names only on a good intraday setup , no chasing and top ticking.If you are interested in trading these setups and more live in a chat room, send me an email for info. thenyctrader@gmail.com.

ACIW Over 31.90 .

AIMC Like it over 17.63.
AVID Over 7.27 for a continuation.

ALR Watching over 26.62.

BRCD Over 4.97, target trade to 200 SMA. 
ELON Over 6 for a quick trade.

GTIV Big vol. run today. Watching over 6.13 area to see if it continues.

HOLI Nice hammer off 20 SMA today. If this one clears 9.26, might give a run for 200 SMA.

LAVA Old alert. Watching over 5.72.

LF Like it over 4.85.

LPSN Bounced 20 MA. Watching for a mover over 13.

MG 23.50 break out watch.

VELT Saw this one up after hours. Watch it over 9.25.

VHC 100 SMA keep on getting rejected. Watching over 23.

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