Saturday, November 12, 2011

Weekly Watch List 11/12/2011

Many decent looking setups if Market cooperates.Take only the one you like and understand.

If you are interested in trading these setups and more live in a chat room, send me an email for info.

ABMD  This one is in a hurry. Look for a momentum trade. Recent high was 20.Experianced  traders only.

ALGN Flagging again after earning gap. Watching over 23.19 for a continuation.

AMKR Like it over 5.16 with volume.

ANW  Oil name.Over 6.25, target trade to 200 SMA.

DSX  Shipper,Over 8.50 with minor target to 200 SMA.

DY Breakout re test and a kiss to 20 SMA. Watching over 20.

ENTG Watching over 9.20.

EXH Oil name, Like it over 12.60.

GNC Holding 8 EMA well. Over 27 could cause a spike.

HLIT Watching over 5.85.

KKD Like the way  its basing right above all the MA’s . Watching over 7.65, in case it decides to go.

LKQX Break out watch over 30/30.24.

MDF Old alert 7.16 still valid.

MENT Watching over 10.90 area.Target trade to 200 SMA.

NARA Break out watch over 9.

NTSP Over 6.58 for a trade.

OIIM Over 4.79 and then over 4.99. Thin stock.Only on good setup.

OPK Found decent support on previous resistance area. Over 5.40. Good vol. Friday.

PFCB Watching over 32.30 with volume.

PPP Gold/Silver name. Watching over 3.58 for a momentum trade.

SANM Failed first time, watching back over 9 again.

SPRD Looks ready to go over 28.85. No chasing please.

STMP Watching over 28.50 for a trading opportunity.

SZYM Looks good over 11.63. Good volume Friday.

TYL Old break out alert 32.94 still valid.

UCTT Old alert 5.93 looks good. Thin name, enter only on a good setup.

VDSI Flagging again after earning gap. Watching over 8.25-8.50 area.

XXIA Watching over 11.49 for a target trade to 200 SMA.

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