Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Watch List For 12/01/2011

Great day in the Market.Watch list names like AKRX,ALGN,CRBC,HALO,HMSY,OME,PCYC,SWI,VICL ,ABMD having a great week so far. Hopefully some of you were able to catch some of them. After such a big day, expecting a choppy day tomorrow.I'll pay attention to the names that have been down for days.They might catch up even if Market goes sideways. Great day in my home chat room as we were knocking winners one after another.
There are more plays that sets up during the day that are not on the watch list, given the volatile Market condition.If you are interested in trading these setups and more live in a chat room, send me an email for info.

GFA Big vol. accumulation here, watch it over 6.03.

IGTE Watching over 15.80.

IL Can be played both ways. Long or short.

LGF Watching back over 8.80.

MANH Watching over 45.30.

MENT Over 13 on a good intraday setup.

NRF  Breakout over 4.44.

NTCT Looks like shake out and bounce today. Over  17.85.

NTSP Watching back over 6.50.

OPEN Back over 35.50 for a trade.

SONO Watching over 42.70.

VVUS Break out watch over 10.35.

WINN Over 5.55 for a scalp.

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