Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Watch List For 06/15/2011

Watch list performance:

ACHN Watching over 7.04 with volume.

AFFX  Breaks out over 7.44.

AMSC Bottom bounce play. Watching over 8.17 with resistance at 8.50.

AXTI Old alert triggered today. No watching over 8.48 for a continuation.
DAR Watching back over 18.83.

ENTG Old alert 9.26 looks good.

GLNG Potential trade over 31.50.Fast mover.

KFY Old alert 21 triggered today. Watch for a continuation above 21.56.

LAVA Over 8.05 with volume might this one some momentum.

LPSN Failed at 50 SMA. Watching it over it again at 11.90.

SIGM Triggered today 8.12. Now over 8.38 is the next alert.

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