Saturday, November 27, 2010

Watch List For Next Week.

ANSS Looks good over 49.38 with volume.

APP Over 1.60, Target 200 MA

BGCP  Looks good over 7.90

CIE Long over 11

FLEX Looks good over 7.34.

Looks great over 16.50

LNET Over 3.40, Target 200 MA.

NEWN Over 8.20 for a trade

NEWP  Looks ready for next move up. Alert for 15/15.20

PCS looks good over 12.30

PQ Over 7.12 for a trade

SMSI Over 14.50 with volume.
USU Long over 5.90

SSYS Ascending Triangle. Worth watching over 34.60

VDSI Long over 9


Sean said...

Awesome list, NYCT. "Thank you" for your insights has been said before, but gratitude never goes out of style.


Giorgio said...

You need to blog more: The watch list for next week has not been updated since Nov-27th